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Let’s work together.

Thanks for being interested in what I do. Here are the best ways to work with me:

Online Mentoring

Work with me privately where we shine a light and lots of love onto you | your business | your project. It’s all about being in integrity with your voice, your power, your authenticity. Here’s what clients say about working with me. If you’re interested in gaining clarity, building momentum and blasting off, contact me to book a slot.

Tea Each Week

Grab your mug and join the conversation around designing life from the inside, out. We cover (w)holy ground as we meet in my virtual living room each week, bringing together ambitious women who are passionate about using their own voice to create new ways of being in the world. Enjoy stimulating conversation and authentic connection. Plus it’s free.  Join us.

Vocare™: Cultivating Your Sacred Voice

Voice is a big issue for women, yet it’s often understood in different ways. VOCARE™ is a 6-week course designed to help you connect with your sacred voice, the one that is sourced deeply from your Higher Wisdom.

Together we’ll dive into questions like: What does “voice” mean to me? Where does that voice come from? And, what are the perils of not using my sacred voice?  In VOCARE™ you’ll learn to recognize your sacred voice and speak with clarity, freedom, and ease. With tools and practices to help you cultivate your sacred voice, you’ll begin to discern the holy connection that runs between your voice, vision and vocation.

Speak truth to the world and stop spending the better part of your days doing work that is not an expression of the voice that you are here to share. Learn more about VOCARE™ here.

Read my stuff.

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Retreat with me.

Join the mailing list to learn about my upcoming live programs and retreats. I’ve been called a Shaman for Sacred Space. Don’t miss out.