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Calling all S/hero’s

Authentic women are scary. Light bearers shining onto the darkness of what is out of balance in our world, they are catalysts for change. The world is shifting and it can appear a little scary. Your true self is truly needed — right now. It’s a time for living dangerously and audaciously really real.

Lead from love

The Truth is that you are love from Love. When we lead from love, our service is authentic, pure, inspired (“in Spirit”). There are wonderful people and organizations doing work inspired from love, whether that’s helping alleviate hunger or poverty, finding cures for diseases, protecting the environment, the disenfranchised and those without voice, or making communities more vibrant through public art, among others. Oh yeah, and marching.

One of my favorite spiritual teachers, the Buddhist nun Pema Chodron, says, we need awake people in all sorts of professions – teachers, accountants, caregivers, trash collectors, presidents.

What does it mean to be awake? It means that you know the truth about yourself and others: you are love, I am love. 

We are all the same – One, Love.

I have the honor of working with women inspired to do work that creates positive change in our world. Women who are daring to be unabashedly authentic. Choosing to create a different and better world for all of us. They are leading from love. (Please join us! You can learn more here.)

All the right stuff

When we’re being our really real, we are also more likely to do right, as in Right Relationship, Right Work, Right Seeing, Right Speaking, Right Action. These are Buddhist terms that have jumped to common parlance. What do they mean for you as a woman living and working authentically?

Right Relationship: You forge partnerships that uplift you and the other. You respect time and energy – yours and your partner’s/’. It’s not about competition, rather, everybody wins.

Right Work: Your livelihood raises up. Goods, services, profits, ideas that make people and the world better. When your work is authentic, aka love-based, your work is in the ultimate service.

Right Seeing: See paragraph above on sniffing out truth from fiction.

Right Action: You boldly go in the direction guided by your Inner Wisdom. You use everything you got — Right Speech, Right Work, Right Relationships — inspired by Love, to make your way in this world.

This isn’t woo-woo. It’s practical.

And it works.

Sniffing fact from fiction

There’s a curious thing about inhabiting your really real – your bullshit meter becomes finely calibrated. That allows you to be more adept at sorting fact from fiction, right from wrong. This is important for how you spend your time and energy.

Scientist and physician Sir David R. Hawkens, MD, PhD, conducted thought-provoking research on the subject, included in his book, Power vs. Force: The Determinants of Human Behavior and explains way better than I can why, when we’re in our authentic nature (of love and bliss), we can sniff out the rats: lies, liars, bad guys, unhealthy choices, toxic relationships, etc.

Important for investing your precious time and energy on people, projects, ideas, beliefs, etc., that serve.

Calling all S/heroes

I’m inviting you to be dangerously, unabashedly, audaciously authentic.

Have you looked outside? The world needs you – the really real you.

We need you to build a business. In finance. Education. Healthcare. Politics. Protecting the environment. Raising up children. Caregiving. Healing. Growing things. Creating art. Building cities and roads and homes and families. Whatever your gift, infuse it with your authentic voice and power — and love.

Be really real. It’s your superpower. This is your time. Let’s go! You are needed.

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