Hello. I’m so happy that you’re here.

What does it mean to speak from your most authentic self? How does it feel? Why does it matter?

I had to lose my voice to discover the answers to these questions.

On my journey back to my true self, I recognized that there was a voice deeper than the “authentic voice” that’s become popular nomenclature in the mainstream. This other voice is presenced not from the ego, but from our Higher Wisdom. It’s more than a connection with the Divine – it is the voice of a Divine Being, our true voice. It has a different sound, a different vibration. It is laser focused and it lands differently when we hear it — with the gravitas of Truth, not our personal truth with a small “t”.

I needed a new definition. I call this voice our Sacred Voice.

A little about my journey…

I lost my voice, and my power.

I became disconnected from my authenticity.

I thought that my voice and power were taken from me. The truth is, I gave them away. It didn’t happen all at once. Like a slow leak, voice and power drained from me.

My first memory of losing my voice and power happened early in childhood on an elementary school playground. Despite telling the teacher of my innocence, I was wrongly accused of being involved in a fight. My words were ignored, and I was punished anyway, traumatic for a six-year-old. I learned very early that speaking one’s truth didn’t guarantee justice or being heard.

There would be instances throughout my life, small and larger, that chipped away at my authenticity. Where I said yes when I really meant no. Where I made decisions and forged alliances that I knew were wrong for me. Where I had trouble setting boundaries, and even more difficulty enforcing them.

Over time I became mute, my power muzzled. Even in my most intimate relationship. One day I looked in the mirror and asked, “Who am I?” I felt sick, weak, less than. How could I, a successful, strong woman have allowed this to happen? I lost my voice, my joy, my authenticity, my soul.

In order to find my way back to the essence of who I am, I had to leave my marriage, my home and the life I had known. As I ventured away from my familiar yet uncomfortable surroundings, I did the deep, rich work required to reclaim the parts of me that were lost and brought forward the pieces that I had never known. I learned what was required to live one’s truth. I stopped blaming others and took responsibility for my authentic self.

I discovered how to find a voice that’s gone mute. I connected with, cultivated, and unleashed my Sacred Voice. I moved from powerless to powerful. I found safe places where I could try on my authentic self and its Sacred Voice until I had the confidence and the courage to claim my authenticity and step out into the world.

I journeyed back to my true self.

I returned to my marriage and my home with a new voice, firmly standing in my power. I ask myself: Where in my own life am I using my small voice, where Sacred Voice is needed instead? Always. Learning to harness the power of my most authentic voice is a practice. I don’t need a magic wand to wave to create a life aligned with my true self. I hold that power within myself.

This work required an enormous amount of courage, responsibility, and love. For myself.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
― C.G. Jung

I help women connect to their Sacred Voice.

I’m blessed to work with women hungry to reconnect with their authentic selves. Courageous women who speak (and sing) with their own voice, who heed the call of their soul, who make their own magic. Women who speak truth to power, catalysts for change, light bearers shining onto the darkness of what is out of balance in our world.

If you’ve lost your way or your voice has gone mute, if you’ve forgotten who you are or you’ve never known, you can find the way back to the real you. I know what’s required for this journey because I’ve walked that path. My bag is now full with the maps, the tools, the wisdom and the practical ways to help others make the trek to their truth. I’m here to share.

Who I Am

I’m a life coach, a spiritual teacher, an integrator. I work with amazing women who are committed to the deep work of connecting with their Sacred Voice, our most authentic voice informed by Higher Self, and using that to create impactful, transformative work in the world. Women who are not just in a career but in their vocation – from the Latin to call. I am deeply familiar with this journey.

I’ve worked with voice for many years. Crafting and sharing the voice of corporations led me to helping entrepreneurs and microbusinesses to do the same. I’ve worked with a lot of solo entrepreneurs, especially heart-centered women, whose personal voice, and that of their business, were often the same. Over time, my work evolved as clients asked me to help them dive deeply into authentic voice and how that manifests in their lives and in their work.

My professional path has been very eclectic which speaks to the non-linear process of heeding the call of Sacred Voice. A common thread throughout my life is my deep connection to Spirit which has shown up in how I serve the world: in my coaching, through my practice as a Feng Shui master, and as an Integrative Living designer and artist.

Like many women, my voice has, at times, been muted or silenced. I know personally the pain of losing one’s voice, and the freedom that comes when we re-discover our true voice and unleash that out into the world. In a world that increasingly feels ungrounded, disconnected, and filled with chatter, we are in desperate need of women inspired, called, and speaking their truth to the world.

The Official Bio

For more than 25 years Kimberly Manning, MA, CLC, has assisted businesses, entrepreneurs and private clients define the voice of their brands. Her work has evolved to help women find new ways of being by claiming their Sacred Voice, vision, and power and integrating these into their life and work.

In addition to Bachelor of Science in Honors Science, Kim holds a Master of Arts in Environmental Arts and is a Certified Life Coach. She has published numerous articles, her first at age 9 on women’s empowerment. Kim has taught at the university level and is a frequent presenter on topics related to making life and work authentic. She is a Feng Shui Master and was a founding member of the Boston School of Feng Shui. Kim speaks three and a half languages, enjoys knitting and dances a mean salsa.

Muses, Magic and More

I’m inspired by people who live from their center and dance with wild abandon. I admire woo-woo entrepreneurs, life artists and underdogs. A path through the woods is my muse.

I’m moved by the moon, the sea and poetry. Family, my Xdog and stories of personal transformation fill me with joy.

Fiercely proud of my Lithuanian heritage, I allow its ancient wisdom, rituals, and language to inform my modern life. Iš širdies gyvenu. I live from my heart.

These days I’m making magic with A Course in Miracles and deep, mystical wisdoms, heralding a new way to be. I love the work I do with women, helping them discover their Sacred Voice and unleash that out into the world. I’m a spiritual thinker, firmly grounded and deeply connected. I welcome new friends to the journey.

Other Places You Can Find Me

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