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Being at the Intersection of Happiness and Now

Where do you put your happiness?

This may sound like a silly question, but where and when you allow happiness in your life have huge ramifications. Be happy in the now. That’s easier said than done, especially when you’re struggling to stay above the waves of life.

Some of us keep our happiness chained to the past:

“I loved that job; there will never be another one like that.”

“That was the happiest day of my life.”

If you put happiness in the future, instead of the now, guess what?! You’ll be waiting to be happy. Have you said things like: “I’ll be happy once I get that certification, grow my hair out, surpass 1000 followers,…” These thoughts put your happiness out into the future, a future that is not guaranteed.

If you’ve embodied thoughts like these, haven’t you found it difficult to be in happiness? You’ve made joy conditional. It’s not a good plan and can cause a great deal of suffering. As I was going through my ordeals, I found it sometimes particularly difficult to be in happiness in the present moment.

Happiness now

When I speak about happiness, it’s not simply a smiley face, a positive outlook and a spring in your step. Happiness is synonymous with your really real self: peace, love, gratitude, truth.

Happiness now is being your really real in the present moment. It’s being your authentic self.

One of my favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles is this:

Be happy, for your only function here is happiness. (W-102.5:1)

And if happiness = peace, love, gratitude, truth, then your job is to be peaceful, loving, grateful, truth. That, my friend, is your really real, your authentic self.

From off the rails to back on the trail

From tolerating smidges of discomfort to feeling the depths of sadness, if you’re not in happiness, you are not your really real self. (To know what wholehearted living feels like, go here.) When you realize you’ve gone off the rails, here are a few deep ideas to get you back to your really real:

Be a heat-seeking missile for what is not love. Then blow that shit up. I’m sometimes amazed at what we tolerate. The niggling ache that turns into a root canal, a habitually late friend, chronic thoughts that don’t serve us. You are love from love. When you see or sense something in your life that is not representative of love, dig deep and pull it out by the root.

Feed yourself spiritual food. Taking time to connect with your seat of Inner Wisdom is critical to living a really real life. Begin and end each day with meditation, some moments with reading that uplifts you or entries in a gratitude journal. It’s been proven to increase happiness and is an important part of an authenticity diet.

Find Mighty Companions. We are joined with others on this journey called life. These dear ones can support us in many ways and help us remove what’s in the way of our really real. Surround yourself with others that hold you up.

There will be times when it feels nearly impossible to connect with your true nature, your happy, peaceful, loving, grateful self. Do not despair. You can find your way back to the intersection of happiness and now by grounding into the truth of who you are.

The more you move in the direction of your authentic self, the more you will connect with the happiness that is your birthright. Don’t put your happiness into the future. Don’t keep it locked in the past. Stand tall at that magic corner, where happiness and now are one.

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