Private Coaching

I guide women toward uncovering the truth that is within them.

I love to work one-on-one with women wanting to dive deeply through confusion, paralysis, or ambivalence, and emerge with gleaming clarity of their authentic self. Women sensing that their identity is in flux — searching for integrity with their voice and their vision, in their personal lives or in their business.

Here’s what this might look like. Are you wanting to…?

  • Speak your truth with kindness and crafting your words for relief, impact and ultimately, freedom
  • Feel the fear, angst and anxiety around speaking (or writing) melt away as you tap into your true voice
  • Step out of your small, personal vision and into the vastness of the inspired vision you are called to
  • Learn to wait and listen deeply to your inner wisdom, which informs your voice, truth, and values

My work points toward exploring one’s own divinity, in support of forging a personal identity that merges Sacred Voice (our most authentic voice sourced from Higher Self) and vocation.

Together we’ll shine a light and lots of love onto you, your business, or your project. We’ll explore the contribution you’re called to make, the challenges you’re currently facing in your authenticity, and how I might support you to express your Sacred Voice in the world.

Here’s How Private Coaching Supports You:

We start with a 30-minute “Get to Know You” call, where we chat about your current circumstances and goals. You can schedule that here.

Each week, we have a one-hour focus session where we discuss goals, progress, and issues that need attention. We’ll talk about targeted resources and tools you can use, to help you get out of your own way and finally make progress towards your goals, dreams and desires. Our sessions will keep you inspired, fueled, and supported the way that serves you best.

Private coaching can help you:

  • Take consistent action on what you care about
  • Stay focused even when life gets crazy
  • Be more compassionate with your amazing self

I’ve been called a shaman for sacred space. I hold safe space so you can find your truth, make peace with it, and live it. I have enormous compassion for my clients walking the path to true self. I know the journey that they’re on because I’ve walked it myself. It’s (w)holy work. My bag is now full, with the maps, the tools, and the wisdom to help others make the trek to their truth. I’m here to share. Want to mentor with me?

Are you ready to discover your truth and express your Sacred Voice?

Contact me to schedule a free 30-minute “Get To Know You” call.

Have the courage to get really real.