Transformational Art Workshops

Art is a powerful tool to activate and deepen our awareness of our most authentic self.

Experiential by design, these workshops get you out of your head so you can intuitively explore aspects of the true self. You’ll learn techniques to activate and deepen your awareness of your authentic voice while you create art.

You’ll learn to:

  • Feel more peace and less stress in these uncertain times
  • Deepen your connection to your Sacred Voice
  • Listen and act from your heart with greater clarity and confidence
  • Explore interesting art techniques!

These transformational art workshops use various creative modalities to help you connect with your authentic self and your Sacred Voice. No previous art experience is required! Actually, these classes are not teaching art (even though you’ll learn how to make some really cool stuff) but sharing tools and techniques to help you express yourself using your Sacred Voice, but without using words. Creative arts give you a different perspective — you step out of the ordinary and into the unknown. Art is a magical nectar that restores our strength, our vision, our voice, our connection to ourselves.

The workshops are fun and interesting and will help you find greater peace while you step more fully into your authentic self. I teach techniques I have practiced for decades to feel more peace, less stress and embody my truest self. Occasionally, I collaborate with other amazing teachers whose work is synergistic with mine.

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“The combination of being taken through the meditation and opening to your sacred voice through art is beautiful. If you want to explore outside of your comfort zone while being held in the most support and loving environment, then this class will provide exactly that for you!” — Linda Salazar

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