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Be Happy Course


I’m a mentor. I help clients find and express their voice, integrating with their Higher Self, whether it’s in the marketing and branding of their business or in their personal life.

As I’ve worked with many amazing women over the years, I’ve noticed some things about their happiness. Being happy made them more resilient, more connected, and more successful.

So I started a little experiment that I called “Project Happiness.” Working in my own life, I went on a journey to explore happiness and consciously bring more of it into my life and work, posting on Facebook as I went along.

I wanted to see if I could increase my capacity for happiness, introduce more happiness into my life and investigate how the energy of happiness affected not only my personal life, but my work, as well.

The little experiment became a happiness practice.

The response to my experiment has been incredible! People liked my posts. They shared them. They commented. Many were grateful for the reminder to be happier, and some realized that they were living low on the happiness gradient.

I’d like to think that I’m a happiness catalyst.

And I want to share what I learned.

So, I turned the journey into a simple on-line course that is self-directed — and free. The course is arranged in easy-to-follow modules, with resources, stuff to ponder and mentoring challenges.

Things you can use to help you infuse your life and business with more of the energy of happiness. You can invest a little time or as much as you want. Like being happy, it’s your decision.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • What it really means to be happy.
  • Generate the benefits that happy people experience: more resilience, better health, improved connectivity, increased creativity, productivity, intuitive insights, and more.
  • The secrets to integrating happiness into your life and business.
  • How to create a happiness practice that works for you.
  • What to do when you fall off the happy wagon.
  • And more!

The content for this course comes from the latest research on happiness from the fields of psychology, social science, business and spirituality. The modules included in the program cover what you’ll need to create your own happiness practice. I encourage you to use what feels right and good for you.

Welcome, friend. Thanks for signing up for the journey. Now let’s get started!


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