What Clients Are Saying…

MaureenI started working with Kim as I was facing some of the biggest changes of my life. Kim provided me with support through these major life changes and helped me see that I wasn’t powerless.

I didn’t realize how our work would benefit me both professionally and personally. I am astounded by how much I’ve grown with the coaching. I have gained so much more perspective and peace within myself.  Kim has given me a toolset that I use to approach daily life and work. She has helped me see skills and talents that I never recognized and acknowledged.

Kim will be your biggest champion. Working with her I found myself capable of things that I never thought I could do. I’m designing a new destiny for myself and I have this trusted ally who wants only the best for me. Kim is always there providing important feedback and navigation, and when I lose my way, she gets me back on track by providing valuable guidance and the most thoughtful insight.

Thank you for always believing in me.

— Maureen Wendling

When I met Kim, she had enjoyed a long and successful corporate career in communications and marketing. She knew a lot about using voice to get the message of her corporate clients out into the world, but was feeling the undeniable call of creating her own work.

Soon she’d started her own business helping women entrepreneurs discover their authentic brand and artfully express their marketing message. More success flowed her way, but she realized that what she’s most passionate about goes beyond branding and marketing. It’s about helping women reclaim their true voice and recreate their life and work from a place of unabashed authenticity.

This is a journey Kim knows very well. She’s intimately familiar with the painful loss of her own power and voice, despite the appearance of outward success. And she knows the path from powerlessness, invisibility, and muteness back to authentic self-expression, because she walked it herself.

Kim’s calling is to be a guide for other women on this same journey. She’s a woman of great heart and soul who is deeply connected with the Feminine. One of her many gifts is knowing how to artfully dislodge limiting beliefs and previously entrenched ways of being so that a truer way of being can take root and blossom.

Part of what makes her a great guide is that she does this with such clarity, kindness, compassion, and joy that her clients feel liberated and free to be their true self. They discover a courage they didn’t know they had, and they step into it and come home to themselves.

As a business coach who was honored to guide Kim on her own journey of discovery and into the initial creation of this work, I’ve watched her become an extraordinary guide for helping women live their deepest, truest, most real self!

–Susanna Maida, Ph.D., Founder and Visionary Business Weaver, www.ReWeavingTheWorld.com

Deborah_ “You don’t often find someone from the corporate world, who has made millions of dollars for a corporation, have a change of heart. This take courage and guidance that is being supported by something bigger than all of us. Kimberly Manning, has had an awakening: a realization, that her true mission is to bring joy and authenticity to herself and through that, to others.

Words can not possibly hold the energy that is needed to convey what Kim has to offer. This would take watching a mental video of her life to show all of the intricacies that have brought her to be a wayshower of happiness! Just know, that happiness is a choice. It is not something that just rains down from the sky, waiting to be danced in. So often, we have an umbrella that blocks our potential.

Kim is the person who is gently, profoundly, encouraging us to sing in the rain! When you work with her, you work through spirit!”
        — Deborah Weed, Founder, Self-Worth Initiative, selfworthinitiative.net

Lidia “I want to thank you, again for coaching me. You are a wise woman in business, in marketing and in living life. Yet, it is in the way in which you distilled these experiences and transformed them into your skills and talents that I find value. Your coaching comes from your heart.

You have an uncanny ability to zero in on what is most prescient, focus on it and uncover the issues that keep me from making my dreams come through. You do it in a way that empowers me. You help me feel like an adventurer on a journey of discovery. I win every time. The bounty is the growth I experienced since we started our sessions and the awareness that ensues after each and every meeting. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being my partner. I am enriched because of you!”

— Lidia Kenig Scher, Artist, Teacher, Author, www.LidiaScherArt.com


“Prior to working with Kim, my website was set up, yet I had a feeling of being incongruent with the content portrayed. If someone asked, I was unable to describe what I do in business in a confident manner.

Within two weeks, my personal strengths and weaknesses in general life had been identified.

Although my website had lots of good information, I was not talking to my ideal clients.  Imagine I was a vet standing on a street, hoping someone might come past with a sick animal that I could help.  Lots and lots of people were passing by for little result.

Outcome of The Energy of Your Brand™ program I did with Kim:  Imagine still, I am a vet, now with a room. The words on the door identifies with and brings clients with sick animals to me wanting the help and solutions I provide.

Thanks to Kim’s teachings, my website these days directly reflects who I am and what I do on a deeper level.  I know exactly how to make any changes and stay congruent with who I am.

I was also surprised to learn my knowledge and teaching is highly intuitive. Kim’s compassion and wonderful skills have given me the confidence to own this wisdom and easily share my knowledge with others.

Before Kim’s program ended, I had my very first, very happy paying client.  Now I am attracting more and more of my ideal clients. An added extra is I am also attracting many exciting opportunities to me, the latest being a global media marketing opportunity offered out of the blue!

Kim is a beautiful person to work with and leads you through to desired outcomes with strength of purpose.  One of the highlights of the program was my Weekly Accountability Journal.  I found myself looking forward to reflecting back on each week.  As each week progressed I suddenly found I had to deliberate my choices to CHOOSE three highlights of my business week.

I highly recommend Kim to anyone looking to identify their ideal client. Be prepared to take an honest look at and within yourself.”

— Linda Murray, Queensland, Australia, Founder of Dancing with Nature and www.Carbiculture.com


“When I was asked to create some promotional blurbs for speaking at corporations I was an emotional mess. Why? Because I knew going into this I needed to write in a particular style that was so far outside of my wheel house that it made my stomach turn. It had me in a state of utter fear and panic. Although I am a writer, my style is very personal and my content contains real life experiences that get turned into spiritual growth teachings. Writing for a corporate culture had me feeling like I’d rather poke needles in my eyes than create this short blurb. Sorry for the graphic but I need you to understand how painful the thought of this was for me.

 In a desperate need to find a better and easier way, I reached out to Kim, knowing her past work in the corporate world and present expertise helping light workers bring their ideas into the mainstream through words that reach a wider audience – without diluting the essence of her client and their work.

 After just a 30 minute conversation, Kim knew exactly what needed to be created and I left it in her capable hands, releasing myself of a lot of wasted time and frustration. Before the day’s end, she delivered a masterpiece to me! I was truly blown away how she captured exactly what needed to be said while keeping me true to who I am with my work. There are really no words to express my gratitude to Kim and how much I value her gift, except to say, if you struggle in any way to have your words reach an audience that you are called to connect with but it’s outside of your comfort zone, then please pick up the phone or email her, now, to set up an appointment!”

  — Linda Salazar, Relationship Coach, Certified Hand Analyst and Author, www.YourHeartIsInYourHands.com

“I recently began a new level of marketing exposure for my work as a healing practitioner. I had been receiving Kim’s Integrative Living Design promotions and business strategy tips for a while, so I knew right away that Kim’s approach would be just right for me.

I short order, Kim reviewed my promotional materials, from business card to web design, and compiled her signature Branding Review Summary. The review came in the form of bullet point suggestions that when implemented, would create consistency and “jazz up” my marketing message. The simple changes were inexpensive to make and have been highly effective in attracting client and bumping up my professional look!

Kim Manning is a joy to work with and she knows her stuff! She combines education, inherent wisdom with a highly intuitive sense to help her clients create miracles in the areas of marketing and outreach.

— Sandra Alexander, MA, Author and Healer, www.StrengthOfSpiritConsulting.com

JWebre“Thank you for your marketing intuition, support and direction. You’ve been integral in helping me with key marketing and “awareness” building strategies for my business. In a highly competitive market, you ensured that my region was set apart and a ‘step ahead’ from the competition. I needed someone to understand my vision and bring it forward.

Not only did you appreciate my goals and objectives, you took my basic vision and ideas to the next level when creating marketing and branding campaigns specific to our target market.  From inception to post-campaign wrap-up, you delivered exceptional service, including the metrics to support the initiative.  Plus you respected the budgetary framework that I had in place.

You took the time to get to know me and understand my expectations, whether for a communication blast, a campaign, or event — and kept me informed along the way.  You’re a true professional.”

— June Webre, MBA, Bank President

Empowerment as a woman is so obvious to Kim. She gives great direction to look at how you live as a reflection of your authentic self.

    — Louisa Esser

RSchwartz“Kimberly Manning is so committed to listening to what you want and then puts things together for you. She has helped me so much. Since I have learning challenges, I wrote down what I wanted. Kim listened to me and came back with a fabulous workshop which she put together for me. She has lots of patience and she loves helping others. I’m so lucky to have brought her into my world. I highly recommend Kimberly.”

— Rochelle Schwartz, Certified Master Life Coach, www.RochelleSchwartz.com

Kim is a dedicated professional who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work.”

  — Janet Smith

“Kim has a great marketing and creative mind, and really understands what creative teams need to help a brand reach its potential. Her ability to simplify and keep a project on strategy is a tremendous asset.”

    — Alan Zerbe, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Alan Zerbe Creative, www.AlanZerbe.com

“Kim is a visionary marketing professional with a strong artistic eye for visual presentation and exceptional writing abilities. Kim’s broad experience in brand creation and awareness, marketing and public relations has helped us establish great visibility in our markets and communities.”

   — Ghan Desai, Founder and CEO, BOLTZ

“Kim is not only a consummate professional; she infuses each assignment with humor and good will. Her clients can expect the same gracious treatment.”

    — Jeff Widmer, Author, www.jeffwidmer.com

You’re approach gave me hope that I can create a centered life. I love your kindness and clarity.”

 — Ginny Booth

Have the courage to get really real.